Shruti - The Revealed Wisdom

Shruti is a Sanskrit term that refers to the Sacred texts of Hinduism that are believed to have been revealed by the Divine to ancient Sages and Seers. These texts are considered to be the highest authority in Hinduism and are believed to contain the eternal and unchanging truths of the universe. The Vedas are the most prominent and ancient of the Shruti texts.

Shruti is considered to be divine knowledge that is not created by human beings, but rather revealed by the Divine through the medium of sound. The Vedas are believed to have been passed down orally from generation to generation for thousands of years before being written down.

Shruti texts are considered to be apaurusheya, meaning they are not the work of any individual or human agency, but are rather eternal and uncreated. They are also considered to be nitya, meaning they are always present and never destroyed, and anadi, meaning they have no beginning.

In Hinduism, the study and practice of Shruti texts is considered to be one of the primary means of attaining spiritual liberation and realizing the ultimate truth of the universe.