Shiva - The Supreme Being

Shiva is one of the most important Deities in the Sanatana tradition (Hinduism). He is often referred to as the “Supreme Being” or the “Destroyer” in the Trimurti, which includes Brahma (the Creator) and Vishnu (the Preserver).

Shiva is known for His ascetic lifestyle and His connection to yoga and meditation. He is often depicted with matted hair, a crescent moon on His forehead, a third eye in the middle of His forehead, and a serpent around His neck.

Shiva is also associated with the elements of fire and destruction, and is sometimes portrayed as a fierce and powerful deity. He is also associated with creation and transformation, as He is believed to have the power to destroy the old and create the new.

Shiva is also known as a patron of the arts, particularly dance and music, and is often depicted in various forms of dance, such as the cosmic dance of destruction known as the Tandava.

Devotees of Shiva often worship Him through various rituals and practices, including puja (worship), meditation, and the chanting of His mantras. Some of the major festivals associated with Shiva include Maha Shivaratri and the festival of Shivratri.