Shakti - The Divine Feminine

Shakti is a Sanskrit term that refers to the Divine Feminine Energy or Power that is believed to be present in all living beings and the universe. It is considered the feminine counterpart to the masculine energy of Shiva. In Sanatana Dharma, Shakti is worshiped as the Mother Goddess in various forms such as Durga, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Parvati.

Shakti is seen as the creative force of the universe, responsible for the creation, preservation, and destruction of all things. She is associated with the power of fertility, birth, and regeneration. Devotees of Shakti believe that by worshiping the goddess, they can tap into her power and receive blessings and spiritual guidance.

The worship of Shakti is often associated with rituals and festivals, particularly during Navratri and Durga Puja. Shakti is also honored through the practice of tantra, which involves the use of rituals, mantras, and meditation to connect with the divine feminine energy.

In Sanatana Dharma, the concept of Shakti highlights the importance of balance between masculine and feminine energies, and the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. It is believed that by honoring and connecting with Shakti, one can achieve spiritual growth and transformation.