Maa Tara - The Compassionate Mother Goddess

Maa Tara is one of the most revered forms of the Divine Mother in Sanatana Dharma. She is considered a manifestation of the Divine Feminine power of compassion and represents the ultimate source of Maternal Love and Protection. Maa Tara is often depicted as a beautiful goddess with a smiling face, holding a lotus in one hand and making the gesture of granting boons with the other.

Maa Tara is also known as the “Star” or the “Guide” in Sanskrit, indicating Her role as a guide and protector of all living beings. She is associated with the element of air, which is believed to represent the quality of compassion. In this sense, Maa Tara represents the compassionate aspect of the Divine Mother, who showers Her blessings on all those who seek Her help and guidance.

As a goddess of compassion, Maa Tara is often invoked by devotees who are seeking protection and solace during times of hardship and distress. Her mantra, “Om Hreem Strim Hum Phat,” is believed to be particularly powerful in invoking her protective and compassionate energies. Additionally, Maa Tara is also associated with healing and is believed to have the power to cure physical and mental ailments. Overall, Maa Tara is revered as a compassionate and loving mother who protects and nurtures Her children with infinite grace and care.