Maa SiddhiDhatri - The Mother Goddess of Supernatural Powers and Accomplishments

Maa SiddhiDhatri is one of the forms of the Divine Mother Goddess Durga, worshipped on the ninth and final day of the Navaratri festival. Her name comes from two Sanskrit words, “Siddhi” meaning supernatural powers, and “Dhatri” meaning the one who gives or bestows.

Maa SiddhiDhatri is depicted sitting on a lotus flower, with four arms holding a discus, conch shell, mace, and lotus. She is said to have the power to grant Her devotees with siddhis, or supernatural powers, and is believed to be the bestower of all achievements and accomplishments.

In Sanatana tradition, Maa SiddhiDhatri represents the highest form of power and energy, and is worshipped to attain spiritual and worldly success. Her worship is believed to bring an end to all sufferings and troubles in life and bestow blessings of prosperity, health, and happiness.

Maa SiddhiDhatri is also associated with the Sahasrara chakra, or the crown chakra, which represents the highest state of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. By worshipping Maa SiddhiDhatri, one can awaken and balance this chakra, leading to spiritual growth and the attainment of the ultimate goal of life, which is liberation.