Maa Matangi - The Mother Goddess of Divine Speech and Music

Maa Matangi is a Goddess who represents the power of speech and music. She is considered to be one of the ten Mahavidyas or the Great Knowledge Goddesses and is revered for Her Divine Wisdom and Knowledge. Maa Matangi is also known as the Tantric Saraswati and is associated with the power of creativity, intuition, and artistic expression.

Maa Matangi’s iconography depicts her as a Green Goddess, who is often shown with a veena or a lute in her hands. She is believed to bestow blessings of creative energy, musical talent, and eloquence to her devotees. Her worship is also believed to help overcome obstacles related to speech and communication.

Maa Matangi is considered to be a fierce and powerful Goddess who is associated with the transformative power of sound. Her worship is believed to be particularly effective for those seeking success in artistic pursuits or those seeking to develop their communication and leadership skills. She is also associated with the chakra of the throat, which is believed to be the seat of communication and expression in the body.