Maa Dhumavati - The Widow Goddess of Poverty and Neglect

Maa Dhumavati is revered as the Widow Goddess of poverty and neglect. She is one of the ten Mahavidyas, or the Great Knowledge Goddesses, and is depicted as an Old and Ugly Goddess, often riding on a chariot pulled by crows. Her worship is considered to be powerful and is believed to bestow blessings of spiritual growth and detachment.

Dhumavati is associated with difficult and challenging experiences such as poverty, disease, and neglect. Her iconography is often depicted with a broom, which symbolizes the need to sweep away the materialistic and egoistic tendencies that prevent spiritual growth. She is also associated with the element of smoke and is often depicted with smoky surroundings, which represent the transient nature of life.

The worship of Maa Dhumavati is believed to be particularly effective in times of struggle, as it is said to help devotees find inner strength and detachment from materialistic desires. Her devotees seek Her blessings to overcome life’s obstacles and attain spiritual liberation. Maa Dhumavati is also associated with the chakra of the crown, which represents the highest state of consciousness and spiritual realization.