Maa ChinnaMasta - The Mother Goddess who Self-Decapitates

Maa ChinnaMasta, also known as Chinnamasta, is a Hindu goddess who is revered for Her power, courage, and spiritual significance. She is one of the ten Mahavidyas, or the Great Knowledge Goddesses, and is often depicted as a Self-decapitated Goddess. This form of the Divine Goddess represents the Supreme sacrifice and detachment and is highly symbolic of the ultimate sacrifice of the self. She is often shown holding Her own severed head in one hand, while Her other two hands hold a sword and a severed head.

Maa ChinnaMasta is also associated with the Kundalini Shakti, which is the cosmic energy that is believed to lie dormant within every individual. Maa ChinnaMasta is believed to awaken this energy and help it rise up through the chakras, leading to spiritual enlightenment. Her worship is believed to bestow blessings of strength, courage, and wisdom upon Her devotees, and protect them from negative energies and obstacles.

The story of Maa ChinnaMasta’s origin comes from Hindu mythology, where She is said to have emerged from the third eye of Goddess Parvati during a battle with the demon Raktabija. In this battle, whenever a drop of Raktabija’s blood fell on the ground, a clone of the demon would be created. To counter this, Maa ChinnaMasta, with Her supreme power, severed Her own head and fed Her own blood to the demon and his clones, thereby defeating him. Her act of self-beheading is seen as a powerful symbol of sacrifice and detachment in Hinduism.