Guru Dakshina - The Offering to the Spiritual Teacher

In Sanatana Dharma, the Guru is considered as a spiritual guide or teacher who imparts knowledge and wisdom to the student. Guru Dakshina is the offering or gift given to the Guru by the student as a mark of respect and gratitude for the knowledge and guidance received. The term ‘Dakshina’ refers to a voluntary payment or gift given to the Guru by the student at the end of the learning period or after completing a specific task assigned by the Guru.

The offering of Guru Dakshina has deep spiritual significance as it symbolizes the student’s recognition of the value of the knowledge imparted by the Guru and the importance of the Guru’s role in their spiritual journey. It also represents the student’s willingness to continue the lineage of knowledge by supporting the Guru’s future endeavors and teachings. The offering can be in any form, including money, material possessions, or selfless service.

In ancient times, Guru Dakshina was a significant ritual and was considered a way to repay the debt of knowledge owed to the Guru. However, in modern times, it is seen more as a voluntary offering of respect and gratitude towards the Guru. Nevertheless, the practice of offering Guru Dakshina continues to be an important part of the relationship between the Guru and the student in Sanatana Dharma.